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Welcome to Sacred Fire!

We are a small group of friends who have crossed various worlds and are currently residing in World of Warcraft on the Alliance side of the Icecrown server. We are casual players that enjoy the company of each other while farming, running five man instances, or raiding.

Sacred Fire is not a hardcore raiding guild but we do raid.  Most of us are casual players that like to have fun and enjoy the game.  Raiding is a big part of Sacred Fire and a lot of our game time and guild policy is focused around it, but most of us are middle aged with jobs, kids and lives outside of game.
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Rhyolith Down

Naizian, Sep 14, 11 5:05 PM.


Chimaeron down

Naizian, Mar 8, 11 9:58 AM.


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We are recruiting all classes and roles to start raiding again.
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